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Frequently Asked Questions
FMC/Media Reactor:

Media Amount
Q: I just purchased a media reactor. How much carbon do I use?

A: Media is completely dependent on what you are trying to accomplish. Refer to the manufacture instructions for the media you are wanting to use. Keep in mind less is sometimes more.

: I am looking to buy a media reactor that I can run on my AIO (All In One) aquarium. What model do you suggest that can be run externally? I need one that I can put in the cabinet and run hoses.

A: The x3 ECO fluidized media reactor should fit your needs. This comes with ½” ID hose barbs, 4’ of MRC food grade tubing and a 132gph pump. If you wanted one of our more robust +series I would suggest the FMC415. The FMC415 has PVC unions, connectable to your system with appropriate adapters.

Q: I just purchased a reactor for my system. I have it installed but cannot get the top to stop leaking.

A: Loosen all the top thumb screws and remove the lid. Check the O-ring for any damage and that it is seated correctly. Start tightening the thumb screws by hand but not fully, do this on all of them. Next tighten them down in opposing patterns in order to get equal pressure on lid. This should stop any drips you may have had.

Q: Can I run two x5’s above my tank in a cabinet?  Is there any issue doing this as I have a sump-less system?

A: Yes the x5’s can be installed above or below your system. You would need to have an appropriate pump to maintain proper water through put. These units are not pressurized so as long as water can freely flow you should be good to go. You can use our 1/2” ID MRC Blue food grade tubing to accomplish this.

Protein Skimmer

Oversize Skimmer
I am considering an oversized skimmer for my new system. Having been in the hobby for 7 years I believe over skimming is best, what do you recommend?

A: Too large of a skimmer might not be able to build a correct foam head once it strips your tank of waste. Having a protein skimmer that is sized correctly far outweighs any unstable environment. This can be caused by a model either to large or too small.

Skimmers Stopped Working
 A few days ago my protein skimmer stopped working like it had been for the last 9 months, any help would be appreciated.

A: Many variables can affect a skimmers performance, have you changed salt mixes, performed large water changes, changed to a new food or additive? Have you removed the pump and Beckett assembly to clean? All of these things can stop a skimmer from performing as usual for a short period of time. Be sure your skimmer is clean and free of debris and all should return to normal soon.

Skimmer Break In
I’ve had my protein skimmer installed for about 1 month now and I am getting microbubbles exiting the skimmer. I was told by my LFS that skimmers take some time to break in. This sounds like a long time to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A: Check that the feed pump is not pushing a greater volume of water than recommended for your model. One month is plenty long for a “break in”. Generally we find that micro bubbles are caused by the addition of supplements, or even from water changes.

Skimmer Sizing
I want to heavily stock my new system. I am finding many people are recommending MRC®. What skimmer would be appropriate I’ve always been told to oversize.

A: You can oversize a skimmer.Our skimmers have been designed for many different application including public aquariums. Using data from institutions and comparing it to many other systems over the years we developed our ratings. These are not over inflated for marketing purposes like others. It takes a certain amount of waste in the water to get a skimmer to perform. Large skimmers in smaller amounts of water might just sit “idle” and have issues as the water will be stripped before having a chance to build a proper foam head. Your system will function best with a correct size model.

Triple Cone Wash Down Timer
Q: Is there a way to change the wash down intervals to once a day instead of every 12 hours? I travel and the waste collection cup could be full and shut the skimmer down during my travels If I don’t have someone empty it.

A: Yes you can change the intervals on the MRC® Control Box for the wash down. Follow the instruction booklet for a simply adjustment. We do manufacture electronic waste collectors in larger sizes as an option for you as well.

Calcium Reactor:

Calcium Reactor Setup
Q: What other items do I need to properly setup my Calcium Reactor?

A: Please refer to your included instructions as they contain complete details on this. You will need the following, proper spec size pump, a way to feed water into the unit. A PH controller if you so choose, media, and a CO2 tank with a regulator to start.

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