Unbelievable Water Clarity


With an ongoing mission for a better aquatic experience, MRC® has once again redefined water polishing with the Infiniti™.

Created for large systems that demand the ultimate in water clarity, the Infiniti™ utilizes the largest surface area with the highest flow rates available; nothing else comes close.


Equipped with a powerful direct drive motor and easy to use digital controller, giving you dependable performance you expect from MRC®.


Designed to do more with 13 times more surface area, over 6 x finer filtration, and 4 x higher flow rates.

Cost Savings

Replacement HyperSilk™ rolls cost 50% less than competing products, leaving more money in your pocket.

Apex Ready

Take advantage of the 24v port on your Neptune Systems Apex controller.

More Flow


The Infiniti™ is equipped with three 2″ inlets, capable of up to 5,000 GPH!

High Efficiency


Highly effective filtration system for marine aquariums, freshwater aquariums, aquaculture systems, and store fish systems.

Digital Controller


The fully automatic system advances the exhausted HyperSilk™ , revealing clean filtration media with zero effort. With the digital controller, advance the HyperSilk™ with one click of a button and easily adjust the programming to better suit your needs.

Large inlets


Three 2″ inlets allow for up to 5,000 GPH of flow, that’s 4 times more than average!

The inlets can easily be reduced down to accommodate smaller plumbing.

Overflow Bypass


 Sometimes things happen, especially with aquariums. If your Infiniti™ overflows for whatever reason, there’s a built in bypass that’ll direct flow around the HyperSilk™ and into your sump. For higher flow systems, a secondary overflow bypass can be installed.

Ultra Water Polishing


Most filter socks carry a 200 micron rating giving you great filtration without having to change or clean the socks every day. With a 30 micron rating, HyperSilk™ 30 delivers the ultimate water polishing experience: over six times more filtration than filter socks! And being a fully automatic system, the Infiniti™ advances the roll as it becomes clogged with unwanted particulate matter: less work, clearer water. 

Fully Assembled


The Infiniti™ comes ready to go right out of the box: no parts to assemble. Simply place the unit on your iSump (or any other compatible sump), plumb in your drains, install the HyperSilk™, and plug in the power cable.

MRC® Infiniti™ 


The most efficient and advanced automatic roller filter system on the market. Easy to operate for optimal results.

Equipped standard with the HyperSilk 50


Overall Dimensions: 28.25″ x 16″ x 16″

Inlets: (3) 2″ socket connections

Base Foot Print: 22.5″ x 13″

Capacity: Up to 83 GPM / 5,000 GPH (315 LPM / 18,927 LPH)*  [135 GPM with additional bypass drain]

Electrical: 24v (1/0.8A @ 115/230V 60/50Hz)

Apex Ready: Yes via 24v port

Instruction Manual

Made in USA

MRC® HyperSilk™ 30


The largest and finest water polishing media on the market, providing you with the ultimate in water clarity in the most user friendly manner possible.


Length: 100 Yards (300 Feet)

Micron Rating: 30

Capacity: Up to 83 GPM (315 LPM)

Made in USA

MRC® HyperSilk™ 50


The largest water filtering media on the market, providing you with amazing water clarity in the most user friendly manner possible.


Length: 100 Yards (300 Feet)

Micron Rating: 50

Capacity: 83 GPM (315 LPM) – 135 GPM (511 LPM) with secondary overflow bypass

Made in USA

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