MRC® iSump™


The pinnacle of filtration sump design and technology, MRC® has once again redefined the aquarium sump. Created for public aquariums, discerning aquarists quickly  began implementing them into their systems. With numerous different filtration design elements available in every size imaginable, nothing else comes close.


Equipped with the most advanced filtration technologies pioneered by MRC. From our pressurized filter sock chambers to combat turbidity, bio-chamber to neutralize nitrates,  and the integrated high-output industrial UV sterilizer for parasitic control, the iSump™ is your complete life support solution.


From upscale home aquariums to major public aquarium displays, the iSump™ is available for any sized system.


All iSumps™ are custom designed and fabricated; configured with precise data compiled for decades and fabricated within the highest tolerances. We like things to be right and right the first time around.



Our designers will work with you to ensure every need and desire is addressed. System dynamics will be assessed before material selection giving you the best product for your specific application. As always, 100% American made.

Industrial Sexy

Two words that normally don’t go together. MRC has created an industrial filtration sump and elevated it: functional, robust, sexy. Made in the USA.

Pressurized Filter Socks

The best and simplest pre-filter, improved. MRC filter sock chambers employ the only filter socks that lock into place forcing 100% of the water through the filtering material. Unlike traditional designs, no water can pass this chamber without being filtered.

Static Bio-Media

An ultra high porosity inert inorganic bio-media perfectly suited for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria which allows the media to efficiently tackle nitrate, ammonia, and nitrite!  Most bio-medias rely on the external surface area; being porous, our static bio-media has an enormous amount of external and internal surface area,  essential for maximum bacterial colonization.  As a non-consumable media, it never needs replacing or servicing, making it the easiest bio-media to use. 

MRC invented the Bio-Sump to provide pristine water conditions for jellyfish and then expanded the design to cover all saltwater and freshwater applications.   

Moving-bed Bio-Media

The unique design of our moving-bed bio-chamber brings another highly efficient and user friendly biological filtration to your filtration arsenal. Made from 100% virgin high-density polyethylene with a surface area of 274 ft2/ft3,  you have an enormous surface area for bacterial colonization to tackle amonia and nitrates.  Due to the action of the chamber, the media is constantly spinning and colliding, dislodging detritus and dead bacteria, making it self cleaning and self servicing.

MRC was the first company to integrate a moving-bed technology into their sump & life support designs. 

Integrated High-Output Industrial UV

Ultraviolet sterilization is a highly effective tool when implemented correctly. Ideally, you want the highest amount of UV-C radiated into the most concentrated area, while allowing an adequate flow rate for your system. And to top it off, you want low heat and low power consumption.  As if that wasn’t enough of an ask, how about no plumbing, no additional space for the unit, and an LED indicating panel for a visual alert of the system health? 

MRC invented the integrated HO UV to answer all of those wishes.

Integrated Heat Exchanger

 Keep your water cool and the heat out. Another MRC first, our integrated heat exchanger allows you to remotely install your condenser and compressor so you’re not reintroducing heat back into your system.  With the compressor goes the noise, so a remote installation keeps your life support room nice and quiet. 

Focusing on reducing the life support footprint, MRC introduced the integrated heat exchanger to the aquatic world.

Inset Equipment Grate

Sometimes room space comes at a premium. Sometimes, you want to contain any and all possible spills from servicing your equipment. Maybe you just love the look when all of your life support equipment integrates together nicely. Whatever your reasons, MRC”s inset equipment grates offer a beautiful solution all without the expense of FRP grate. 

Inset Lids

Sleek and quiet. Keeps the noise and water inside the iSump and everything else, outside! MRC lids never warp or discolor under normal use and are built for the rigors of institutional use (they’re nearly indestructable). 

Let us help you design your system.

We are here to walk you through the often over complicated process of specing a proper and complete system for your needs. Contact an MRC® specialist today.