If you’re going to culture baby jellyfish, a there’s no better way than with a specialized system. MRC’s mini-kreisels are designed to provide optimal conditions for your animals.

The problem with commercial fishing:

Short life spans

Jellyfish have notoriously short lifespans, so continually harvesting them from the oceans is not only expensive, but not ecologically sound. 


Sending fishing boats out into the ocean to collect jellyfish contributes to our pollution problem. Farming keeps those ships at bay.

Saving money the smart way

Not only are jellyfish breeding programs eco friendly, they’re cheaper than buying wild jellyfish, making your programs more efficient and saving those funds for other projects.

Compounding issue

As the population of Earth grows, there’s more ships in the sea, cars on the roads, and planes in the sky. Finding ways to slow or eliminate our reliance on finite resources is critical to maintaining a cleaner planet.

Mmm mmm, good!

While aquariums don’t offer their animals at the food court, their research does contribute to advances in commercial fish farming. 

Captive Bred for the Future

Coral farming has become mainstream now, reducing the number of corals removed from our coral reefs. Scientists and aquarists are pushing hard to do the same thing on the fish side of the industry.

The MRC mini-kreisel is a big step towards that goal, providing a specialized system for culturing pelagic marine life.

Matt Pederson discusses the mini-kreisel in an exclusive interview with MRC dealer Southeast Aquariums in his Reefbuilders article.

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