Reef and fish: same system

The Challenge

100% fish loss and client ready to break down the aquariums. Reef and fish-only aquariums are tied together, posing LSS challenges.

The Solution

MRC® complete redesign of LSS. Goals: water clarity, reduced maintenance, high water quality.

Revamped LSS plan resulted in:

Complete Redesign of LSS

100% LSS overhaul vastly improved life support performance and water quality/clarity.

Zero losses to date

Fully stocked and no losses. Fish and corals are thriving better than ever before.

Reduced Man-Hours

By creating a system that utilizes patented MRC® technologies and processes we were able to increase automation and reduce physical maintenance on all LSS equipment.

Fast Installation

The integrated design allow for a quick installation, reducing on site labor and plumbing expenses.

A word from Aquarium Artisans

Aquarium Artisans specialty is designing large commercial complex systems around the country. Choosing MRC as a partner is the best and most logical choice. Raj and Tim are always using science, technology, and innovation to push the limits of Life Support Design which is exactly what our customers demand and what we are known for. Every calculation, detail, and idea is accounted for during the process to make sure our clients end result is better then what they envisioned. The quality of their equipment shows it can handle the rigorous abuse in these harsh commercial environments and ensures it’s the only life support our clients will have to purchase. Aquarium Artisans is proud to call MRC one of our go to partners for our firm.

On this 1500 gallon project we were called in due to system no longer thriving. We quickly realized the filtration was literally being held together with duct tape and presented a comprehensive plan which entailed draining both 600 gallon aquariums and starting over. There was only one choice for life support to bring this system back to life. Our team and MRC’s team sprung into action building and installing a start of the art iSump filter with integrated High-output Ultraviolet filtration and media chamber. A large foam fractionator was added along with two media reactors. Automation was added to control pumps, lighting, reactors, fractionator wash down, and temperature control. Large commercial pumps and all new plumbing was installed. 2,500 watts of high intensity light was added to the system to light it. This system is comprised of two tanks on the same system: one is a marine fish only tank and the other is a marine reef. Quite the challenge since they are both tied into one system. The design of this system runs so effectively, even with the large windows in the front and back of the home, intense aquarium lighting, and the tanks close to fully stocked with animals the glass barely gets any algae in between visits.

We could not have done without our partners at MRC.

The Results Were Amazing

A single statement from the client sums up the quality of MRC’s product and the results: “These aquariums didn’t look this good when they were originally set up”.

Your aquarium not living up to its potential?

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